a triumphant warrior stands atop a a fieldstone ruins and scaffolding build amongst dreadhollow forest terrain from wildlands


Every Dwarven Forge set stands on its own, but also integrates seamlessly with existing sets to create an ever-expanding fantasy world. Cities Untold: Lowtown can be combined with any of our existing terrain lines for even more storytelling opportunities.

a slideshow of different lowtown pieces incorporated into our original city builder fieldstone, tudor, and ruins pieces
Original City Builder

Lowtown is designed to enhance and complement our existing City Builder System. The new pieces can be intermixed with the old or used independently, adding variety and functionality to any city layout.

Lowtown Fieldstone is a direct expansion of the CBS fieldstone line, while the new modular systems - roofs, facades, scaffold, freestanding walls - dramatically increase your building options.


The grand walls and gatehouses of our castle system adapt easily to become city walls, while our new Freestanding Walls are ideal for partitioning a large castle interior or adding an outer palisade. Or, add some scaffolding to a castle under construction or repair.

A castle build with wargaming miniatures and scaffolding for playable surfaces
a dungeon build with scaffolding pieces creating a walkway over an acid terrain hazard
Dungeons and Sewers

What lies beneath the city streets? Dungeons, of course! Our Dungeon and Sewer sets form the perfect underground component of any city. Hide them beneath the new cobblestone Battleboards or behind a Sea Wall sewer grate.


Deeper still lie the caverns - and Lowtown elements work there too! Our new Scaffold system is perfect for creating ramshackle mines and monster warrens, and many Lowtown accessory look right at home far underground.

a caverns build using lowtown freestanding wooden walls and grand promenade floors
a slideshow showcasing different uses of rustic wood builds, freestanding walls, and scaffolding walkways and bridges in Wildlands biomes

A ghoulish hermit’s mountain lodge… a hag’s hut crouching in the swamp… an elvish settlement deep in the forest… the rustic character of the Lowtown buildings makes them perfect for any setting, even far beyond the frontiers of civilization.