The High Elven Ring Manor build front view with elven facades, diagonal walls and a double-high double door entrance

The High Elven Ring Manor

High Elven Ring Manor side view, showcasing narrow window pane inserts, diagonal walls, dark roofs with roof ridges, and elven wall facades

The land atop the hill is said to have a mysterious energy emanating from it. One day, a high elf noble from out of town builds their manor right on the land. There was debate if the elf knew of this mystical energy, but people flying above the land noticed that the manor was built in a peculiar manner; the building had no center. Right in the middle, there was a garden with a single sinister looking tree growing in there. Whatever it is, it doesn't look good. Who is this elf and what is he planning?

Interior view of the 2nd story of the High Elven Ring Manor with bannister corner posts, and a portal floor staircase

This sample build uses The Elven Facades and the Floortal to make a build priced between a landmark and a district. You can also use freestanding trees and foliage scatter from Wildlands to enhance this build.

Interior alternative view of the High Elven Ring Manor

The High Elven Ring Manor is composed of the following Lowtown sets:

  • Rustic Wood - Double High Walls & Posts (x1)
  • Rustic Wood - The Poet's Nook w/ Dark Roof (x1)
  • Modular Roof - Straight Roof - Dark (x1)
  • Rustic Wood Core - Standard Walls & Posts (x1)
  • Rustic Wood - Narrow Walls & Posts (x1)
  • Wooden Stairs Pack (x1)
  • Roof Ridges (x1)
  • Rustic Wood - The Floortal (x2)
  • Rustic Wood - Grand Promenade Parquet Floor (x2)
  • Modular Roof - Diagonal Roof - Dark (x2)
  • Modular Roof - Right Angle Junction - Dark (x2)
  • Elven Facades Pack (x2)
  • Rustic Wood - Diagonal Walls (x4)