A marketplace made of wood walls, roof tiles, and freestanding scatter dressing


The core building pieces of Lowtown come in two distinct styles: Rustic Wood and Fieldstone. Each style builds in the same way but lends a different look to the final structure. Rustic Wood is brand new to this campaign, while Fieldstone is an expansion to our existing Fieldstone pieces from our original City Builder campaign.

A gif showing the layers between a two-story rustic wood build and two-story fieldstone build
Two Materials, Endless Applications

Rustic Wood and Fieldstone offer exceptional versatility as building materials; the same pieces can be used to create just about any common building - ranging from rundown slum shanties and dive bars, to affluent guildhalls and trading posts, to distant frontier forts and humble farmhouses.

Building System

All structures are built using various combinations of floors, walls, and cornerposts. The floors create the footprint. Cornerposts are inserted into peg holes at the corners of the floors to securely hold the building together. Different styles of walls can be slotted in between the cornerposts to complete the structure.

An exploded view of how corner posts connect to floors and walls, completed with magnetic, pole insert, and window insert accessories to build a room with character
Rustic Wood, Parquet Wood, and Fieldstone Floors come in 4x4, 4x2, and 2x2 sizes
Floor Types

Floors come in three sizes; 4”x4”, 2”x4”, and 2”x2”. The larger floors each have a removable 1”x2” insert to allow for stairs or a trapdoor. All floors have flat peg “biscuit” holes on the sides so they can be joined securely together. Wooden floors also come in a decorative Parquet version for more style options.

Cornerpost Types

Cornerposts are pegged into holes in the floors and used to hold walls in place. Cities Untold cornerposts include a new feature: horizontal Facade holes allowing Facades and accessories to be attached. Cornerposts come in several styles can be regular height or double high.

Wall facades plug into pole accessory-sized holes in corner posts to give your exterior walls more character
A gif showing the wall types offered, including solid walls, LED walls, Magnetic Walls, Window Walls, Door Walls, and Secret Door walls. Then showing the difference between standard sized walls, narrow walls, and double-high walls.
Wall Types

Walls slot in between corner posts to complete a building’s outer shell. Walls come in regular width (for 4” floors) and narrow width (for 2” floors). Regular height walls create standard rooms while double high walls are used for great halls, warehouses, and barns.

Standard walls include: Door Wall, Window Wall, Solid Wall, LED Wall (with a socket for our modular wall LED elements), and Magnetic Wall (for attaching magnetic accessories). Additional speciality walls provide distinct features to your buildings, like the elegant Fieldstone Abbey Window Wall or the hidden panels of the Rustic Wood Secret Door.

Mixing with Tudor Pieces

Both Rustic Wood and Fieldstone combine well with our original Tudor City Builder pieces. Fieldstone makes ideal foundations for larger buildings and can transition smoothly up to Tudor floors using the new Façades. Rustic Wood and Tudor share the same style and color of wood so the pieces can be mixed and matched at will. And Tudor pieces look fantastic with the new Parquet floors.