The perfect way to begin a Dwarven Forge collection is with our two Starter sets. Both sets use our City Builder Basics pieces - a collection of easy-to-use 2”x2” pieces designed for fast building and versatility. Starter sets combine very well in multiples for larger builds, and can easily be expanded on with more complex building pieces and accessories.

City Builder Basics

Both Starter sets contain a mix of our five City Builder Basics pieces; Straight Walls, Door Walls, Window Wall, 2x2 Floors, and Corners. These pieces are used exactly like our popular dungeon core sets - various walls, floors, and corners are placed side-by-side to create rooms, hallways, and closets. 

Doors & Windows

The Door Wall features a hinged rustic wood door, so you can open and close it during play. The Window Wall features a square window the same size as the other square windows in our City Builder System, so it can use any of our window insert pieces such as the Boarded Up Window Insert, or Window Box Window Insert.

add doors and window inserts to CBB window and door walls
CBB pieces have anchor magnets, allowing them to stick to our terrain trays
Embedded Anchor Magnets

All City Builder Basics pieces have anchor magnets embedded in the base. This allows them to stick to our metal terrain trays when building. Building on terrain trays also allows you to move your builds around easily - flying rooms in as they are discovered or clearing builds off the table between sessions.

Optional Biscuit Pegs

The City Builder Pieces can be built simply by placing them next to each other, or building on top of a terrain tray. However, the pieces also feature new biscuit slots on the sides. For extra stability you can affix your pieces together with the optional biscuit pegs. This also allows for multi-level building, cantilevered sections and other advanced building techniques.

a gif of city builder basic pieces being joined using biscuit pegs
an image of a wargame scatter build using city builder basic pieces
Enhance Your Battlemat

Both Starter sets work very well built on top of a battle mat, dry erase mat, or our Battleboards or Terrain Trays.Use the flat surface layer to give the lay of the land and the physical terrain to add dimensionality to your tactical combat. Battle can then spill in and out of buildings for an exciting encounter.

city builder basics starter build
City Builder Basics
Wood Starter

The Wood Starter Set provides enough pieces to create one small room or two smaller connected rooms. It’s the perfect way to get to know the system and a taste of Dwarven Forge pieces in hand.  

the Starter set can build a two-room encounter or a single room encounter
a City Builder Basics build with simple interior decor including an LED fireplace, printed rug, and tavern bed.
Beyond the Basics

One or more Starter sets can easily be combined with other sets as your collection grows. Add some dressing sets, such as the Lowtown Tavern Dressing, to give character to your rooms, or combine with building sets like the Rustic Wood Diagonal Walls to create new shapes and multi-level structures.

city builder basics mega starter build
City Builder Basics
Wood Starter Mega
Versatile Mix of Pieces  

The Wood Starter Mega Set is a versatile toolbox combining City Builder Basics pieces with some key accessories: curtains, stairs, and a trapdoor. Together this mix of pieces gives you everything you need to build a wide range of different encounters. The Basics pieces give you enough coverage and modularity to build a good variety of rooms. Use the stairs and trapdoor to transition to different rooms or encounter areas. Use the curtains as freestanding dividers, doorways, or just decor.

gif of the Mega Starter configured in a variety of single and double story builds
a gif of a hand connecting floor tiles of a second story using biscuit pegs
Multi-level Buildings

The included Biscuit Pegs and Wood Stair Pillars enable a variety of multi-story building possibilities. Simply connect several pieces with biscuit pegs then place them on top of the first floor pieces. The upper story can be supported by the pillars if needed, and the included stairs and trapdoor allow movement between levels.

Beyond the City

Your Wood Starter Mega set mixes well with other sets and biomes outside the City. Combine with a Dungeon Core Set to build a basement for your humble tavern, or a hidden tunnel under your wooden barn.

a city builder basics ground floor build with a subterranean dungeon build using our starter dungeon pieces