beauty image of the City Barracks gated wall and lampposts


Landmarks are preconfigured bundles of Component Sets which combine to build a specific structure or location - generally archetypal places you’d use in many adventures. Landmarks are intended for scatter-based building on top of sculpted terrain, Terrain Trays, or battlemats, so you can place them in any environment. Most can also easily be built in-line with sculpted terrain.

Speakeasy Murderbar product image
Wizards Townhouse product image
Harbormaster's Hut product image

Bundle Styles

Our Landmarks bundles are composed in one of two styles: exterior or interior.

Wizards Townhouse is a landmark built with external variety in mind

Exterior Builds

These Landmarks are complete buildings with little or no dressing or accessories inside. These are ideal for outdoor RPG encounters and wargame or skirmish battlefields. They can easily be filled up with dressing through Stretch Goal dressing packs.

Ye Old Time Inn is a Landmark created with interior gameplay in mind

Interior Builds

This style of Landmark features rooms or buildings chock full of dressing, but with no roofs and little or no exterior accessories. They are intended for stand-alone RPG encounters, but can easily be integrated into an exterior city encounter by purchasing roofs to cover them.

a combination of Humble Homesteads and Midtown Merchants built together
Table Coverage

A single Landmark makes for a distinctive RPG encounter or the centerpiece of a skirmish battlefield. Two or three Landmarks can be combined to create a larger encounter or a full skirmish battlefield. Combine four or more landmarks for an epic combat encounter or full-scale wargame battlefield.

Alternate Builds

Our pieces are fully modular so each Landmark bundle can be reconfigured into countless alternate builds. Most Landmarks contain sets that are thematically grouped, so alternate builds will still feel thematically similar. For a more diverse collection of pieces combine two or more different Landmarks.

Thieves' Guild and Wharf Warehouse standard builds compared to a Thieves' Guild  and Wharf Warehouse alternative build
build in-line using ground tiles flush against the base of your build, or build scatter-style by placing your pieces on top of a terrain tray or wargame mat
Scatter or In-Line

Landmarks are intended for scatter-based building so they can be placed in any environment. The buildings look equally good on top of dimensional surfaces such as sculpted terrain and textured battleboards or on flat surfaces such as Terrain Trays or battlemats. Most of them can also be built in-line with sculpted terrain.

All Landmarks Unlocked

Thanks to incredible early support we have unlocked all potential Landmarks for Cities Untold: Lowtown. There are now a total of nine different Landmarks to choose from.

All landmarks have been unlocked!