foundation of a multi-story building, built using our elevation pieces


Weathered old cobblestones or hard-packed dirt– we offer fully-sculpted ground cover so that the space between your buildings further adds to the character of any city build. 

a gif of a miniature walking across sculpted ground, showing the scale for their built-in one inch grids
Sculpted Ground

Nothing makes a build more immersive than fully-sculpted ground coverage. We offer two types of new ground tiles: cobblestone and packed earth. Each is available in 2”x2” and 4”x4” tiles, all with embedded anchor magnets so they stick securely to our Terrain Trays.

Each tile has a subtle 1” grid built into the sculpt - the cobblestone grid is integrated into the stone pattern, while the dirt grid is hidden in the small details in the sculpt.

Urban Elevation

Rise above ordinary flat ground using our Urban Elevation System: a brand new collection of pieces that let you build an array of foundations, bridges, aqueducts, monuments, walkways, and staircases.

Change elevation smoothly from one area of your city to the next and connect different levels with stairs and ramps. These pieces all feature the same cobblestone texture as the cobbled ground for seamless transitions.

a gif exemplifying the modularity of cobblestone elevation pieces being arranged and broken down in a dynamic way
Seawalls sitting atop a water terrain tray and below a cobblestone battleboard to show an example of seawall foundations for city port or dock builds
Seawalls & Risers

The new Seawall piece allows you to create a visually striking drop down to sea level. Build them on top of our new Shoreline Terrain Trays, or any negative space water coverage, and then stack your Battleboards or ground tiles on top.

Use new 1” risers to easily support the rest of your floors and keep everything at the same level. Flip the Seawalls around to reveal a sewer grate to access the sewers below; accessorize the small buttresses with any of our pole accessories.

Elevated Adventure

The Cobblestone Half Arch lets you push the verticality of your builds even higher. In pairs the arch can build the perfect foundation to lift any structure to towering heights.

Sets of arches can support Cobblestone Floors or Scaffolding Planks to form long bridges and tunnels. Two arches can hold a narrow wall between them, forming a small alcove or half-hidden doorway; connect two Arches with a 2x2 floor and any regular length wall can fit within the archway, expanding your design options further. 

two examples of half arches, on as a doorway and one as a bridge
a gif of ramp pieces working their way up another ramp onto a battleboard to show different ramp configurations and uses
Ramping Up

The Cobblestone Ramp is a simple but versatile pair of pieces. Together they can be placed on any surface to transition up to a standard 1” height.

The Upper Ramp can be used in-line with floors to transition up one floor height. A pair of Upper Ramps can hold a floor or Scaffold Platform to create a low bridge. The Lower Ramp can transition down from sculpted terrain to a Terrain Tray or battlemat.