Unsavory dockside taverns…
Bustling shopfronts and bazaars…
Gang-infested alleys of the slums…
Fortified bandit encampments in the wild…

All this and more awaits you in Lowtown.

Cities Untold: Lowtown is our 10th Kickstarter project, packed full of all the pieces, accessories, and miniatures you need to create the sorts of dangerous urban locales where adventures abound. There’s much to learn about the wonders of Lowtown and many secrets yet to be discovered. Read on to find what to expect in our offer.

A side-by-side of a small wood structure and the same structure pulled apart to view its tiers and interior
City Builder Expanded

Lowtown enhances our existing City Builder System - adding new pieces, new architectural styles, and new functionality such as our “Biscuit System” to enable dynamic multi-level building. And everything is backwards compatible with the original pieces.

Buildings with Character

New shapes, advanced pieces, and thematic accessories mean no two buildings ever have to look the same. Customize the details of your city with modular LEDs, magnetic accessories, thematic dressing, swappable window panes, and brand new facades.

Large wood structure with scaffolding, docs, accessories, and minis.
Stop motion of freestanding walls and modular accessories building out the interior of a wood building
Storytelling Toolboxes

We’ve created several new “toolbox systems” - each a collection of versatile pieces with open-ended building possibilities useful in many different situations. Use these toolboxes in countless ways to create new challenges in whatever scenes and scenarios you dream up.

Created by Gamers for Gamers

Dwarven Forge is a team of life-long gamers, geeky artists, and fantasy-lovers. We methodically design everything with actual gameplay in mind, carefully crafting the sorts of pieces we want to use on our own game tables.

Hamster and Mace facing off on a wargaming table
Hamster painting the LED fireplace at his work station in the DF studio
Dwarven Craftsmanship

Just like our bearded namesake, we take great pride in the products we create. Our pieces are extremely durable, meticulously detailed, and infused with artistry, passion, and adventure. If you’ve never held Dwarven Forge terrain in hand, we highly recommend a sample set to see the craftsmanship for yourself.