Beauty image of scaffolding pieces used to create a bridge between two stand-alone buildings


Our new Scaffolding System is a versatile collection of planks and posts that can be used to build not just scaffolding but also docks, boardwalks, balconies, raised platforms and stages, fortifications, ramps, multi-level walkways and much more.

Four main scaffolding platforms can be used joined with biscuit pegs to create walkways, platforms, and balconies.
Scaffolding Platforms

The system starts simply with four platform pieces: 4” Platform, 2” Platform Diagonal Platform, and Narrow Platform. These plank platforms can be built in-line with floors or sculpted terrain, built on top of sculpted terrain or surface layers, or attached to each other and/or other pieces with biscuit holes.

Adding Pilings

Pilings can be added to the Scaffolding Platforms to lift them off the ground at various heights. Use Single or Double Pilings on each side of a Platform to transform it into a dock. Attach a platform to a second story building and use Pilings to support the other side for a raised porch. Pilings can be inverted for a different height option. If you want to build higher, attach a Footing to the base for an extra 1” rise.

Scaffolding on top of a water terrain tray creates a system of docks along a commercial port
Gif of scaffolding platforms paired with scaffolding railings
Adding Railings

Railings can be connected to the Platforms to transform them into balconies and widow’s walks, or to armor them up for fortified structures. Railings are designed to share biscuit holes with the Pilings so you can mix and match however you need. For an alternate building style, Railings can be used upside down to build a raised stage in a tavernor a grandstand in the town square.

Stairs, Ladder, & Bridge

Stairs and ladders can be integrated into any scaffolding build to allow easy movement betweenlevels. We have a trio of new stairs in different lengths which can be attached end to end to reach any scaffold height. A 6” long rope bridge tops off the collection, allowing you to make long spans across roofs, canals, and alleyways.

Two miniatures walking across a rope bridge and toward a scaffolding balcony
A four story build using scaffolding to create a stair and balcony system along the exterior of the build
Multi-level Building

The scaffolding system really shines when used for multi-level building. The platforms can be attached to the sides of buildings to create balconies and walkways. The pilings can be stacked to support multi-layer scaffolding. The modular roofs have special peg holes and perches to support scaffolding platforms for an array of widow’s walks and rooftop runs. And these are just the beginning of the possibilities for this open-ended system!

Accessorize Everywhere

An accessory holder can be positioned on the top of any Railing piece, allowing you to place a key Pole Accessory anywhere you like. You can attach the new Hoist or Clothesline or old favorites like the Spyglass or Arbalest. The tops of the Pilings can also hold any Pole Accessory, increasing your options for extra details in your build.

a telescope pole accessory plugged into the scaffolding pole accessory holder
the rope bridge used in a wargaming build, connected between two Erinthor Mountain pieces
Paired Peg Compatibility

With built-in backwards compatibility, you can attach the scaffolding to any of our older pieces with paired peg holes. This means you can mix and match your old docks with the new scaffolding dock. You can attach your suspension bridge to an elevated scaffolding walkway. Or, you can affix your scaffolding to a Wildlands rock formation to bridge a chasm.