The Elven Artisan Tradehouse

The Elven Artisan Tradehouse

Full build view of the Elven Artisan Trading Quarters with green roofs, elven facades, scaffolding stairs, and rustic wood walls.

Right in the center of the city lies an elegant Artisan Tradehouse, but most citizens of Lowtown are too intimidated by the exquisite Elven woodwork to enter, and the ones that aren’t prefer to get their high artisan works at Hightown. As barely anyone enters, most do not know the treasures and wonders that are displayed within, nor the phantasmagorical skills of the Artisan within.

Side view of the Elven Artisan Trade Quarters featuring scaffolding stairs, balcony roof, elven facades, and window pane inserts.

This build features the Elven Facades pack on a Landmark level set, with an additional set to spice it up.

The Elven Artisan Tradehouse are composed of the following Lowtown sets:

  • Midtown Merchants (x1)
  • Elven Facades Pack (x1)
  • LED Dormer Windows - Green (x1)