a beauty image of a multi-floor building using biscuit pegs for support


Our new “biscuit system” will enable you to create multi-level builds with more dynamic, playable space on more levels than ever before. Increase the verticality of your combat and make your battlegrounds truly three dimensional!

a gif demonstrating how biscuit pegs insert into a floor piece, then connect that floor with another floor.
Flat Peg “Biscuit” System

For Lowtown we developed a new method for attaching pieces - our flat peg “Biscuit” system, inspired by real world biscuit joiners used in carpentry. A flat “biscuit” is inserted into a special slot (a “biscuit hole”) in the side of one piece and then into the corresponding hole in a second piece, joining them securely.

Breaking the Box

Using biscuits, you can connect all the floor pieces on any level of your building into a single cohesive unit. This allows entire stories to easily be lifted off as one piece for interior access during gameplay. If your upper stories are especially large you can assemble them into several large sections instead.

hand holding up a multi-floor top story of a build that is supported using biscuit pegs. this allows for easy multi-story gameplay.
a three-layer build with the top story jutting out farther than the one below. The top story floor is supported by biscuit pegs which allows for overhangs and balconies.
Cantilevered Projections

Pieces secured with biscuits can be suspended from the side of your building without support underneath. Adding an optional Wooden Corbel Row Facade increases stability and style.

Cantilever ordinary floors to create an overhang, a pair of diagonal walls to create an oversized bay window, or scaffolding with railings to create a balcony.

Paired Peg Compatibility

Our new biscuit slots are designed to be backwards compatible with the paired peg system from our earlier sets. You can attach any of your paired peg pieces to the new biscuit slots and vice versa.

So, for example, you can attach your Suspension Bridge or Docks to the new floors, and the new scaffolding can attach to your Titanstooth or Stepped Stump Crag.

a sprawling wargame build using scaffolding pieces and our wildlands sets
a gif of the different decorative and functional biscuit hole inserts offered
Biscuit Hole Fillers

The biscuit holes can be used to attach a variety of building pieces and accessories. But chances are you won’t use every single biscuit hole on the floors of your buildings, especially those facing outwards. If you want to hide these exposed slots we offer a variety of accessories to fill them, including specific small hole fillers.

Multi-level Gameplay

With the freedom to build upwards and outwards you can create buildings that support multi-level combat in many ways. Provide access to buildings through 2nd story balconies, bridges and elevated doorways. Offer prime sniper nests by attaching widow’s walks and perches to your roofs. Vary the heights of your buildings with our Urban Elevation system, making line-of-sight challenges more dynamic than ever.

hand walking a miniature dragon folk across a rope bridge between two roofs