a beauty image of dark rooftops in a city build


Fully modular buildings with endlessly different footprints required equally modular roofs to cover them, so we created a brand new modular roof system for Lowtown.

the four core roof pieces, Valley Roof, Diagonal Hip Roof, Straight Roof, and Hip Roof
Core Roof Pieces

The main building blocks of the roofs are the Straight, the Hip, and the Valley. These three pieces can be combined to create a multitude of different footprints to cover just about any building configuration. They can be securely connected with biscuit pegs and then lifted off as one solid piece.

Diagonal Roof

The addition of diagonal walls in Lowtown meant we needed a way to cover them as well, so the Diagonal Hip got added into the line-up. A single Diagonal Hip Roof can cover a Diagonal Wall below, or a pair of Straights can be added on either side allowing it to cover a Large Diagonal. Two together can be suspended off the side of a building for a small awning or porch.

a diagram of how diagonal roofs are assembled
a gif of adding the 2-inch peak to a set of straight roofs
2” Peak

The core pieces of the system are fantastic for building roofs with a 4” base footprint. But some building configurations require a roof in 2” increments. That’s where the 2” Peak Roof comes in. It can be used to bridge the peak gap in a 6” or 10” roof. Or, it can stand alone atop a cupola or a small side room.

Playable Surfaces

Not just decorative, the roofs of Lowtown can be playable space for rooftop battles. In order to maximize flat, gamable space our Scaffolding pieces can be attached on top of the roofs to create widow’s walks and bridges for your minis. The Magnetic Perch serves as a stand alone mini holder, or can anchor a bridge or scaffolding to your roof. Even the tops of our LED Dormer Windows are flat enough that a mini can stand on them.

a hand walking a miniature across a rope bridge linked across two rooftops
a beauty image of a green roofed building in front of a dark-roofed building
Color Choices

Every roof in your city shouldn’t look identical, even if they’re all built with the same pieces. We offer our roofs in two different paint schemes for variation. Our Dark paint scheme gives a weathered and drab feel, perfect for barns, shacks, and run-down buildings. Our Green option is brighter and cheerier, ideal for nice residences, guildhouses, and shops. 

Ridges & Eaves

For even more visual variety in your skyline, we have several ways to change the character and silhouette of your roofs. To add overhanging eaves, we offer simple Rake Soffits, and more grand Soffit Peaks. To alter the ridge line we have a Roof Ridge collection which can be used with or without the Soffits. For further customization, you can add pole accessories to the Ridge Ends. 

a side by side image of roof two different types of roof ridges
gif of magnetic roof accessories, like chimneys, trapdoors, perches and more.
Magnetic Accessories

All the modular roof pieces except the Valley have embedded steel plates so they can hold magnetic accessories. Pop on a chimney or LED Dormer Window for extra character. Add a trapdoor and perch as a means of egress. The roofs share the same 45° pitch as our original City roofs, so you can mix and match your accessories from both sets.