Interior freestanding walls creating versatile room shapes


Our new Freestanding Wall system dramatically expands your options for creating unique interiors and distinctive fences, yards and alleyways. It’s also ideal for lightning fast encounter building when the game takes an unexpected turn and you need to quickly improvise a scene.

A Versatile Toolbox

Freestanding Walls are a simple yet versatile set of rustic wooden walls that connect to each other, and to any metal surface layer or magnetic wall, via embedded magnets.

They stand on their own (no need for pegs or posts) and can quickly be arranged in a myriad of configurations, giving you an adaptable toolbox of pieces that can go virtually anywhere. Indoors, they form rooms, closets and hallways; outside, they are fences and palisades.

gif of interior freestanding walls shifting to create dynamic interior layouts within the same 8x8 space
gif of a mountain biome, village biome, and solitary building using freestanding walls
Perfect Partitions

We originally designed these walls as a way of breaking up the interiors of larger buildings into interesting smaller rooms. They work great for that! A few simple pieces allow you to create chambers of almost any size as well as closets, stalls, alcoves and hallways - and not only in your city buildings; they go equally well in our dungeons, castles, caverns… anywhere you need a set of wooden partitions.

Outside the Box

Freestanding walls aren’t just for interiors! We soon discovered that these pieces are also fantastic for creating outdoor walls, fences and palisades. From the ramshackle barriers thrown up in a claustrophobic back alley to the sturdy enclosure of a wharf cargo yard to a bandit chief’s makeshift defenses in a mountain valley, you’ll find endless uses for these versatile pieces.

Image of a mountain mining camp built using Wildlands Erinthor mountain pieces and Lowtown freestanding walls