Brigade at the Toll Bridge

Brigade at the Toll Bridge

another angle of a 24x12 build using lowtown rustic wood, cobblestone tiles, seawalls, and terrain trays to build a river crossing

Great! The objective isn’t far off from here, easy quest! What you weren’t told though, was that it was in a shady part of town occupied by enemies across the bridge, and turns out they operate the toll bridge too. So you have 3 options: Pay the hefty toll in shame and let the enemies laugh at you, sneak in through the river, or fight your way across the bridge and all the way to the objective.

detail of the seawalls and elevation pieces use to construct a raised river village and toll bridge

This build uses the urban elevation to create a river and bridge with a building on each side.

The Brigade at the Toll Bridge is composed of the following Lowtown sets:

  • Cobblestone Ground Cover (x2)
  • Terrain Tray Single 12"x12": Straight Breakers/Convex Breakers (x2)
  • Seawalls Set (x1)
  • Urban Elevation - Arches (x1)
  • Urban Elevation - Ramps (x1)
  • Fieldstone Core - 4x4 Floors Remastered (x1)
  • Fieldstone Core - Standard Walls & Posts (x1)
  • Rustic Wood Core - 4x4 Parquet Floors (x1)
  • Rustic Wood Core - Tavern Walls & Posts (x1)
  • Modular Roof Core - Standard Roof - Dark (x1)
  • Lowtown Market Dressing (x1)