beauty image of the Downtown Dockside District using both cobblestone battleboards and water terrain trays


Our surface layer options – Terrain Trays and Battleboards – offer a fast and more affordable way to provide extensive table coverage. They can be combined with a traditional battlemat or used in place of one. Each surface layer type offers unique functionality.

A dynamic close up shot of the sculpted texture of our cobblestone battleboard
Sculpted Battleboards

Brand new to Cities Untold our Sculpted Battleboards have a fully-sculpted top surface that will be UV printed. They are the fastest and most affordable way to cover large portions of your table with sculpted ground. With embedded anchor magnets underneath, they work just like oversized versions of our sculpted floors, each providing an entire square foot of table coverage.

Terrain Trays

Terrain Trays have a solid steel core and a neoprene cover featuring  different graphics on either side. All Terrain Trays in Cities Untold are 12”x12”. They are ideal for building on because the embedded anchor magnets in our floor pieces adhere firmly to the metal sheet. They also make it easy to slide builds around your table or transport them to and from the gaming area. Terrain Trays are ideal for creating large areas of “negative space” in your build - areas where there are no ground tiles such as water, lava, or mud.

Our terrain trays are double-sided for modular environmental ground and water textures
easily vary your elevation with stilts and battleboards
Easy Elevation

Combined with our various sizes of stilts or risers, both Terrain Trays and Battleboards make it fast and easy to add a large elevated area to any scene. All our surface layers also fit neatly on top of, or underneath, any of our elevation pieces such as the new sea walls to create waterfronts, terraces, and other multilayer builds. They can also be removed easily for sudden reveals of cellars, sewers or dungeons hidden underground.

Battleboards are Floor-Height

Battleboards are rigid 12”x12” platforms with the same height as our standard sculpted floor tiles (11mm). They can be built in-line with sculpted floors allowing fast coverage for large flat areas, while the smaller floor tiles can be used for more intricate building and elevation transitions.

a gif of sculpted cobblestone 2x2 floor tiles sliding up to a matching 12x12 sculpted cobblestone battleboard
an array of surface layer scenery to elevate your storytelling and gameplay
New Scenic Options

The new Cities Untold surface layers expand on our already huge array of unique styles with designs perfect for adding character to your cityscapes. Cobblestones are perfect for urban locales from seedy to elegant, while the muddy streets add extra grit to the roughest parts of town. Shoreline Breakers crash against the piers of the waterfront, while the Shoreline Beach provides a more gradual transition to dry land; both connect seamlessly to our existing Raging River and Mountain Lake designs.