New Backer's Guide

Welcome to Cities Untold: Lowtown — our 10th Kickstarter campaign! 

If you’re new to Dwarven Forge, before you embark on a tour of Lowtown’s details and secrets, we recommend covering the basics below:

Modular Terrain System

Modularity is at the forefront of our terrain design process. Our goal is to allow you to use the same pieces to build and rebuild in endless configurations. We carefully embed cross-compatible geometry in our terrain, so you can mix your cities pieces with mountains, castles, forests, dungeons, caverns and more to create the ultimate modular world.

stop-motion gif of a build being pulled apart then reassembled to create a different building
A hammer coming down on a two story lowtown build
Durable Dwarvenite

All our pieces are cast in genuine Dwarvenite®, Dwarven Forge’s proprietary casting material. It has density for solid heft, retains exquisite detail from the original sculpts, and exhibits extreme durability. There’s no need to worry about chipping or breaking Dwarvenite® so you can throw your pieces in a bag together or have them fall off the table without a scratch.


Many gamers don’t have time to paint all their miniatures, much less all their terrain, so we offer our sets fully-painted ready for gaming right out of the box. Every piece is available completely hand-painted – richly colored and delicately dry brushed. Or if you want to paint your own, we also offer unpainted versions of everything.

Hamster painting the back wall of our kitchen stove LED piece
Elye sculpting the shingles of a roof piece
Meticulous Detail

From initial concepting all the way through the final painted prototype we use an iterative design process to rigorously hone every aspect of each piece until it is infused with a perfect blend of artistry, functionality, and character. The majority of our pieces are traditionally sculpted by hand to make each tiny detail a miniature work of art. 

Scale & 1" Grid

Our terrain is sculpted to complement 28mm scale miniatures, but larger models can be used without trouble.

We sculpt a square 1” grid into our floor pieces to support RPG tactical movement. This grid is disguised in the details of the sculpt so as not to be intrusive, especially if you’re using our terrain for wargames.

Inside our buildings, this subtle grid is offset by half an inch so exterior walls don’t cut squares in half, yielding more playable squares.

illustration of how a 1 inch grid is discretely sculpted into our modular floors
gif of fog emerging from the chimney of a thatch roof fogger accessory
Embedded LEDs, Magnets, & Fog

When storytelling, atmosphere is everything. Our pieces give you the ability to easily adjust the mood of your build to match your story. Our LED walls have modular sockets so you can swap out different colored light sources for each game. Magnetic accessories can quickly be swapped or removed as needed. And for extra visual impact you can use our DF Floor Fogger to add smoke from your chimney.

Storage Friendly

Modularity not only provides more versatile building potential to our pieces, it also makes for easier storage between games. After a session, break your buildings down to their component parts and pack them away flat in a bin or drawer, or even just toss them in a bag - they won’t break thanks to our Dwarvenite® castings.

stop-motion gif of a build being pulled apart and neatly stacked as a compact storage solution

Join Our Community

We are thrilled to have a very active and supportive community. We highly recommend joining the discussion either on our Discord, our Forums, or in the Kickstarter comments.


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You can also join us live on Twitch - we normally stream every Weds 7-9pm EST and Thursday 6-8pm EST. But during this campaign we’ll be streaming five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday.