Triple District (Unpainted)

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  • #Pieces:

Mix three districts from the unlocked bundles to make a large encounter, or place each next to each other to build out the city of your dreams. You'll choose them after the campaign in our Pledge Manager.

For the best value on an Unpainted Triple District, please follow these instructions:

  • On Kickstarter, select the Build Your Own pledge level. Enter a Kickstarter Pledge Amount  (Build Your Own + Bonus Support) that includes your choice of any two Unpainted Districts plus any Component set(s) you'd like, and complete your pledge.
  • Then, this spring, in Pledge Manager: select the third unpainted District you want. It will add this amount to the shipping and tax that will be part of your Pledge Manager balance. 
  • Before your pay your balance, e-mail We'll apply a $250 discount to your order, lock it up -- and you can check out.


Triple District (Unpainted)
Triple District (Unpainted)