Why Kickstarter

Dwarven Forge isn’t new to terrain — and we have an extensive webstore.  So why do we need Kickstarter to launch a new product line?

Cities Untold — like most of our new product lines — demands a daunting commitment: nearly 2 years of creative development (the prototypes you see here); costly solid steel tooling for every single piece; and a large-scale production run.  Kickstarter funding makes this undertaking possible in a way that almost no other resource can.

Here's 3 key reasons why:

Your incredible pledges keep us from taking high interest loans to
pay for tooling and production.

In addition to our existing customers, Kickstarter reaches thousands of dedicated gamers we can’t reach on our own. This helps generate the larger order volume required for such an ambitious production run.

Your advance product selections tell us exactly how many of each set to produce. This allows us to offer backers a vast selection of set options - and guaranteed availability for them.

After 9 successful campaigns, we can say it really works — and Kickstarter backers are incredible! 

5 Reasons To Back Cities Untold: Lowtown

1. You help us turn a dream into a reality.  Without your support, we‘d never be able to create such a massive and versatile collection.

2. Every backer makes the campaign better. Your input improves the campaign — and ever-higher pledge totals allow us to add free backer stretch goals, introduce surprise pieces, and release new set choices.

3. Backers pay less.  For their up-front commitment, our Kickstarter backers always get better prices than you’ll ever see on our webstore. This has been true since our first campaign back in 2013.

4. Backers get to choose from our entire list of Cities Untold sets. And those selections are guaranteed.  After we complete backer fulfillment, surplus inventory is always limited, and many Cities Untold sets will not be produced again.

5. Backers always get shipped first.  We won’t release Cities Untold product onto our webstore — or sell it anywhere else — until we’ve shipped all our Kickstarter backers.

If you like Cities Untold, and you didn’t have a chance to participate in our Kickstarter, stay tuned and join us during our Pledge Manager!