Shipping & Taxes Outside the USA

We know that the cost of shipping and tax outside the US can be expensive, and we want to ensure we're communicating clearly about them.
A few key points:
  • Shipping and taxes (e.g. your VAT, import duties) are not included in any of our set prices. 
  • Shipping charges to all destinations will be collected after the campaign in our Pledge Manager.  If you enter your selections and your address into our Pledge Builder, it will tell you exactly how much shipping will cost.
  • Taxes are neither shown nor included in our Pledge Builder.  
  • There are two categories of shipping destinations to determine how you'll pay for taxes.
    • Category I: These are countries for which we’ll calculate and collect taxes in our post-campaign Pledge Manager. After you've paid taxes in Pledge Manager you won't pay more at delivery. Included are: US; Canada; Europe; UK; Australia; New Zealand; Japan; Taiwan; Korea; China/Hong Kong; and Singapore.
    • Category II: This includes all countries not listed above, for which we won’t collect tax in the Pledge Manager. Instead you'll pay taxes to the courier at delivery.
  • Your taxes will be based on your local laws (e.g. your VAT) and your order value. (We’re sorry that in no case can we declare less than the actual price for Customs.)  Please consider your taxes when making your pledge.
    Thank you!