Cities Untold: Lowtown’s Landmarks and Districts offer so many different builds that choosing is difficult.

The Full Completionist option consists of 3 District sized pledge bundles + 1 Mega Roof bundle.  It's our way to solve this dilemma by offering every single piece -- plus the means to create every sample build that we’ve shown you (just not all at the same time).

Here's a summary of each:.

  • Completionist A - Building Blocks: This bundle gathers up all the rustic wood and fieldstone building sets with multiples of sets you'll need in higher quantities (like floors).
  • Completionist B - Dressing & Building Systems: This bundle rounds up all the dressing packs, and all the building systems - scaffolding, urban elevation, sculpted ground. 
  • Completionist C - Essentials: If you want to build ALL the Districts, one at a time, you'll have to get this set and combine it with the A & B Bundles. This pack ALSO contains every pack released in the pledge manager.
  • Completionist D - The Roofs: This bundle gives you more than enough dark and green roofs to cover a huge variety of builds.
  • Roof Mega Bundles: Additionally, if you want simply one color of roofs to cover all of the Districts (a la Essentials), you can also choose your color of roofs with the Roof Mega Bundle.