Cities Untold: Lowtown’s Landmarks and Districts offer so many different builds that choosing is difficult.

The Full Completionist option consists of 3 District sized pledge bundles + 1 Mega Roof bundle.  It's our way to solve this dilemma by offering every single piece -- plus the means to create every sample build that we’ve shown you (just not all at the same time).

Here's a summary of each:.

  • Completionist A - Building Blocks: This bundle gathers up all the rustic wood and fieldstone building sets with multiples of sets you'll need in higher quantities (like floors).
  • Completionist B - Dressing & Building Systems: This bundle rounds up all the dressing packs, and all the building systems - scaffolding, urban elevation, sculpted ground. 
  • Completionist C - Essentials: If you want to build ALL the Districts, one at a time, you'll have to get this set and combine it with the A & B Bundles. This pack ALSO contains every pack released in the pledge manager.
    DISCLAIMER: we cannot lock the final composition until we see what we unlock in this campaign. But it will be priced the same as any other painted District (unpainted price will have to wait until the Pledge Manager).
  • Completionist D - The Roofs: This bundle gives you more than enough dark and green roofs to cover a huge variety of builds.
  • Roof Mega Bundles: Additionally, if you want simply one color of roofs to cover all of the Districts (a la Essentials), you can also choose your color of roofs with the Roof Mega Bundle.
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